Instructions for presenters

Guidelines for oral presentations

Presentation time is 25 minutes for long papers and 20 minutes for short papers, including introductions, questions and switching between presentations. Please plan for your actual presentation to last no more than 20 minutes if you have a long paper and 15 minutes if you have a short paper. It is important that the sessions remain on time.

Please note that this year we are following a different procedure regarding oral presentation:

Guidelines for poster presentations

We request that your posters be at most A0 size (84 cm wide x 118 cm high — 33.1 in × 46.8 in) in either portrait or landscape. Materials for attaching posters to poster boards (push-pins, double-sided tape, etc.) will be provided.
Please affix your poster to your assigned poster board prior to your specified poster session, i.e., during the break immediately preceding your session. Please note that there will be multiple poster sessions, each with only 10-15 posters with a particular theme (just like oral presentation sessions). Thus, you will need to remove your poster immediately the end of your session, i.e., exactly when the next break starts.

The organizing committee chose to have more poster sessions with fewer papers, giving these sessions an equal footing to the oral sessions. Hopefully, the poster sessions will be as well attended as oral sessions.